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Strategy and Leadership for Lasting Change

Strategy & Leadership for Lasting Change

Strategy & Leadership for lasting change

One thing we cannot say about working in today’s healthcare market, particularly within the NHS, is that change won’t happen!

Change is inevitable as we look to find ways to meet the healthcare challenges within our society, in a world where resources are stretched and yet demands continue to rise.

When we first started to work within the health and care arena in 2006 we were not surprised to find a change weary workforce with so many sticking plasters put on processes just to hold them in place until the next change came along. Today we come across healthcare leaders on a daily basis who find themselves spinning the plates of change as the plates get larger and more get added. This is why we are passionate about providing high quality and effective strategy and leadership in Healthcare training, coaching and facilitation.

So within an environment such as this, how can you ensure that you implement effective and lasting strategy and capable leadership? Strategy setting is key to a successful healthcare organisation and yet it is ensuring your strategy flows throughout the culture, the people and the communication with patients that makes the difference.

The ‘Why’Many executive boards do not really look at the ‘why’ of strategy and the impact that they want the strategy to make. And perhaps the biggest mistake is that they forget to connect the people who need to implement the strategy with the ‘why’ that makes the difference to them.

So many times organisations lose touch with the ‘why’ of a change and then are surprised by lack of motivation, fear of change and limited ownership of responsibility by the people on the ground.

We repeatedly see teams and individuals under pressure to maintain patient services whilst another change heads towards them from the management boardroom with an unclear message on ‘why’ the change needs to happen and how it impacts the patient. Thus they picture themselves far removed from the leadership of the organisation.

We frequently find that a strategic message has lost its impact in communication because it does not connect with what is really important to those along the chain. The message about the what and the how is there but there is no ‘why’ and therefore no emotional buy-in.

Two Day Advanced Communication workshop, attendees. Beyond Training Solutions. London. We can work with you to really understand and communicate the ‘why’ to easily ensure motivation and buy-in is maximised. We cascade your strategic business vision and leadership to really drive operational processes, efficiency and base-level improvement. We share with you our extensive knowledge and problem solving skills to combine planning with tactical execution to optimize long-term gains in performance and service levels. We are passionate about ensuring that we really listen, watch and understand. We take time and effort to get underneath the surface to the deep structure of the healthcare organisation. Working with us you are able to comfortably define both the big picture and have a clear recognition of the steps necessary to fulfil that vision. We also enable you to bring the rest of the team on board so they share the same vision and naturally embrace it into the everyday culture.
Strategy and Leadership in healthcare is key. Change cannot happen without effective leadership. We look to provide the practical and inspirational leadership skills that you and your organisation needs.

If you are looking for a standard leadership training programme for yourself or your team then we are probably not for you. While many leadership programmes provide you a lot of theory about how you SHOULD be, we concentrate on how you become the leader you WANT to be.

Throughout our leadership training programme we help you define your leadership identity and how to embrace effective leadership skills within this identity.

To find out more about how we can work with you on your strategy and leadership in healthcare to improve your patient services through effective strategy definition, change management and leadership please contact us today for a no obligation discussion.

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