The Keys to Staff Engagement and Confident Teams

Case Studies

Case Studies

We have worked with a number of healthcare organisations on a range of in-house training, development and facilitation programmes and have shown below  some case study examples of what we can do for you too. Everything we do is unique to the requirements of your organisation so please contact us to see how we can work with you to provide a realisation, facilitation, training or change solution to enable the result you need.

Bringing Service to Life

Braintree Community Hospital

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We made contact with Braintree Community Hospital’s Operations Director, Anthony Nally who identified some key areas of continuous improvement within the Hospital that he wanted to work on. Initially it was decided to roll out a programme for the management team, however Anthony was so impressed with the proposal that he decided that ALL staff within the hospital would attend this seven month training course.


We surveyed the participants of the programme and overall they felt that they had the following improvements across the whole Hospital:

Appreciation and respect 28%

Good communication 52%

Leadership from management 39%

Teamwork within and across teams 23%

Feedback and recognition 62%

Support available to staff 47%

Patient Care 38%

Note: The hospital was already performing well for the areas where you notice a lower % improvement score and it was very pleasing to note that improvement could still be gained in even these high performing areas!

Management Programme

East of England Ambulance Service Trust

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Following the ‘EEAST Board turnaround plan April 2013’ the aim of this programme was to provide the newly recruited Ambulance Liaison Managers (ALM) within the Patient Transport Services (PTS) team, and other equivalent managers, the resources and skills to meet the challenges of managing teams of some 30-60 staff through this period of change within the organisation.


Delegate satisfaction—Overall score was 4.33 out of 5 (86.6% across all categories).

“I felt comfortable enough with the group to open up fully and I feel I have reaped the rewards on a emotional, professional and personal level. Thank You.”

“I feel I have gained more confidence to do my job and tackle my management. I feel I can communicate better with other ALMs.”

“I have enjoyed this training course, it has helped me to develop and improve myself. I feel we would all benefit from further training with this provider.”

Working with you to provide service excellence

Royal Marsden HR Shared Services Team

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Sharon Bignall, the HR Shared Services manager made contact with Beyond Training Solutions after being recommended our services. Following a major service redesign to ensure that the HROD department was able to take a more strategic approach and more proactively support the Trust’s business needs, Sharon’s team of around thirty staff were going through what might be considered the ’storming phase’ of team change. We facilitated a team away day to improve communication and teamwork between departments and to set the foundations for positive future working.

This is what Sharon had to say after the away day:

“The day was really enjoyable.

I have to say I did have a bit of a sleepless night the night before but on the day it felt really comfortable, the team were totally engaged, and it was great, really good.

I have done a little bit of NLP before so I was actually quite intrigued and it was a colleague of mine at work who recommended Beyond NLP and on meeting them I thought immediately yes they’re the ones I want to do this and it has turned out brilliantly!”

Setting achievable outcomes and getting rid of limiting beliefs

Anglian Community Enterprise Stroke Rehabilitation Team

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Following an initial contact from Beyond Training Solutions, Laura Parker, who manages the stroke rehabilitation scheme, contacted us to arrange 2 days training for her team to provide some base NLP skills that they could utilise with stroke patients and their families and carers. Laura’s team consists of 20 staff who provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to those who have had a mild to moderate stroke and are located within North East Essex.

Learning can be fun & interactive

West Sussex GP VTS Scheme

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Following an initial contact from Beyond Training Solutions, Mandy Claiden the West Sussex VTS programme director contacted us to investigate the possibility of running a day of learning on their annual residential programme which would also be fun, interactive and something completely different for the trainee GP’s. Coupling learning with interaction and enjoyment is something we are passionate about doing so we jumped at the chance to come up with a unique programme for them!