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Teams and Collaborative Planning

Teams & Collaborative Planning

Teams and Collaborative Planning

So why do we offer services to improve Teams and Collaborative Planning in Healthcare? The NHS is the largest organisation in Europe. It has more than a million employees and with so many highly skilled people it is not surprising that there is often a huge variation in the levels of team work and collaboration.  Some do it extremely well, others get it right within pockets of the organisation, others just appear to work in silos.

Collaboration within the NHS and other healthcare organisations creates an environment that allows the collective knowledge, resources and skills of each team member to flourish.

Truly powerful collaboration occurs..

..when all parties are in agreement on a common purpose, have commonality in their values, feel supported and operate in a culture of respect, sharing of resources, feedback and positive competition. When people with varying viewpoints, experiences, skills, and opinions are tasked with a project or challenge as a group, the combined effort can far surpass what a similar number of people operating as individuals could achieve.

So that sounds easy right? Or perhaps what you recognise is a varying degree of bottlenecks, undermining of opinions, lack of communication, missed deadlines, suspicion, or inflexibility?

This is why we are passionate about our team training and collaboration facilitation services as we know that they make the difference to healthcare organisations. Our facilitation service utilises our unique inside-out approach to enable your team to operate at maximum effectiveness. We work with both the individuals and the single or multiple teams to expedite cohesion and ensure progressive growth, making the whole process both easier and more cost effective. We naturally bring people together to solve a problem and allow them to collaborate effectively to ensure a successful outcome to any issue or project.

We facilitate the groups to:

Understand where they are now

Ascertain how effectively the group currently functions

Understand what is important to them as individuals about their role within the organisation

Step back and understand the effect of how the group currently functions on others within the organisation and the effectiveness of their departments in providing the level of care needed

Agree the group’s collaborative purpose

Create a shared vision for how the combined team will function in the future

Explore the main challenges for the group going forward
Identify how they want to be seen as a group and as individuals and what is really important to them about how they function

Identify what each individual and the group needs to function well

Instil a culture of open, honest and respectful feedback

Understand how each member’s skills and capabilities can benefit the overall purpose

Know how to negotiate respectfully and effectively within the group

Cement the group dynamics

Hold each other accountable

In addition, we are dedicated to providing personal resources to enable people to perform at their best and meet the objectives of the organisation going forward. We provide key management, communication, negotiation, leadership, problem solving, professional boundaries and project management training and are able to work with you to provide a development programme specific to your team’s needs to achieve the levels of service that you as a healthcare organisation requires, as well as the level of confidence and ability that the individual wants. We utilise a variety of management, communication and leadership tools within our training and facilitation and integrate these with the tools and techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming to provide a robust, interactive, challenging and supportive experience.

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