The Keys to Staff Engagement and Confident Teams

Introduction To Effective Management

Our ‘Introduction to Management Programme’ is designed to develop the skills of the potential managers of the future and empower delegates to build the required tools to survive and thrive in their ever changing and challenging environment. Many organisations recognise the need to upskill existing key staff to not only remove the pressure from the management but also to ensure effective succession planning for the future. For us the difference with our programme is that it:

  • Provides practical training that can be implemented immediately
  • Builds the confidence of the delegates and promote a can do attitude
  • Provides delegates with the skills to manage change from within
Our introduction to management training course is a four part course consisting of the following modules:

Process Improvement and the optimisation of productivity

  • The importance of the word ‘Why’ when looking at Practice processes
  • How to understand what is really needed from the process from all perspectives
  • The importance of involving the right people in process reviews and having a ‘champion’ of change
  • Utilising some key project management tools to identify a failing process and define improvements
  • Measuring the impact of process changes
  • Recognising the financial impact of the processes that operate within the organisation
  • The critical aspects of cost management

Engaging staff and avoiding HR issues of the future

  • Absence Management
  • Having the courage to hold effective difficult conversations
  • Negotiating change and getting team buy in
  • The importance of dealing with issues as they arise
  • How to encourage an open and honest culture with clean feedback
  • The importance of documentation
  • The secrets of good interviewing – asking the questions that really brings out the key information and the deep structures
  • How to communicate effectively and understand the different processing methods of the individuals and teams to ensure the optimisation of communication.

Optimising Client Service and Customer Engagement

  • Handling complaints without emotion
  • Stepping back and hearing with the customer’s ears
  • Taking a new perspective and seeing with the customer’s eyes
  • Looking at ways to optimise communication with customers and ensuring your communication connects
  • Why customers will support you even when things are tough

The keys to effective leadership

  • What is important to them about being a leader and how to ensure they meet their own leadership values within their role?
  • What areas do they recognise they are weak on at the moment and which of those might be a catalyst to make changes in other areas?
  • How to get people to look forward towards a solution driven outcome rather than focussing on what has happened previously
  • How to lead an effective team

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