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Excellence in Customer and Patient Service

Excellence in customer & patient service

Excellence in Patient and Customer ServiceSo why should you strive for excellence in customer and patient service? Did you know that research shows that emotion influences purchase decisions six times more than rationale? So think about how much more this is true when it comes to one of the most important things, your own health?

We all know that our health service needs to be more responsive to the needs and wishes of the public, all of whom will use its services at some point in their lives. NHS England have said that they will “ensure that public, patient and carer voices are at the centre of our healthcare services, from planning to delivery.” But can you really provide excellence in patient and customer service in today’s world of increasing demands?

We believe you can if you involve your three most valuable resources – your staff, your community and the patient.

Connecting to the community on an emotional level is the key to establishing a lasting collaborative relationship with your organisation. This doesn’t mean just conducting surveys and questionnaires, it means really connecting and bringing on board health champions from the community to work with you. However, it also means equipping these health champions with the skills needed to leave their own personal agenda outside and listen, communicate and collaborate to a joint aim.

It means looking beyond your processes and your service offering and really connecting with your organisation’s purpose and identity. It means thinking about how you can develop strong and lasting bonds with your patients so that they become your biggest advocates in solving the public health challenges of today’s world. We speak to many health professionals each week who say that they know what their patients want but do they really? Or how much do they presume or generalise the opinions of a few to cover the whole patient population?

We can facilitate participation and focus groups, review your current communications and assist you in getting out into the communities to get the message you need across and really understand the needs.

We look to engage your staff and reignite their passion for the service you provide and for providing excellence in patient and customer service and allow them to make the difference that they now find they really want to make.

We tap into what is really important to the individual about the service they offer and enable them to really step into the shoes of the patient and recognise where the service they currently provide can be improved.

We work with your people to identify ways to implement new ideas and innovations that enable excellence in customer service for the organisation.

We give empowering techniques that allow you to find solutions so you can overcome what you previously thought were insurmountable hurdles.

We are also passionate about teaching new ways to diffuse customer complaints and enhance your level of communication with your community and its patients.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, you will learn how to really listen and understand.
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