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Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management

We provide Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management in healthcare.

Solutions that have lasting impact and contribute to positive culture change within organisations.

Perhaps your need is for your managers to learn and embed the skills required to handle disputes within their team?

Maybe you recognise that issues are not being dealt with due to a fear of conflict or the inability to address the problem and facilitate an agreed forward thinking outcome?

Possibly there is a major change in your organisation that has created a divide amongst your employees and management resulting in low motivation, high staff turnover or a negative impact on productivity?

Or do you feel that there is a conflict situation occurring that cannot be resolved through the resources within your organisation?

By fully understanding your requirements and how this is affecting you, your organisation, your clients and your staff, we devise a completely bespoke training or facilitation solutions that has the impact you need.

The temptation for organisations is to just look at the presenting behaviour and look for a spoken agreement without really looking at the deep level cause of the problem or recognising when a lack of alignment within the organisation can have an impact on staff morale and lead to unrest, distrust and a lack of belonging that has the danger of exacerbating conflict situations.

Yet if we simply look at the standard definitions of conflict we can see that there is so much under the surface of the presenting behaviour that the resolution needs to be at a deeper level as well:

Fear of not being understood clearly

Strong differences of opinion

An internal battle

Incompatibility of opinion and/or behaviour

Non communication between two individuals

Unwillingness to compromise

Internal anxiousness presenting in external stubbornness

Conflict Management in Healthcare Training

This one day course takes a different approach to standard conflict management training in that it teaches delegates the skills to look beneath the presenting problem and facilitate the required solution for both the individual and the organisation.

Areas covered include:

  • Understanding their own conflict style and its impact
  • Recognising the warning signs
  • Understanding the cause and effect of workplace disputes
  • How to deal with a fear of conflict to and encourage debate in an open culture of discussion
  • Why the ability to deal with conflict is crucial to a positive company culture
  • The keys to avoiding a conflict situation arising
  • How to ask questions to get people looking towards a positive resolution
  • How to ask questions to dig deep and understand what is really going on
  • How to negotiate for a win/win solution
  • The key skills required to manage facilitated conversations at work
  • Recognising and understanding how their own body language and methods of communication can affect others

All of the above is in context with your current challenges.

Conflict Resolution Training NHS / Healthcare and Team Facilitation

It is common for teams or individuals to go through periods of fluctuation or unrest.

People have different viewpoints, and under the right (or wrong!) set of circumstances, those differences escalate to conflict. Healthy and constructive debate is a component of high-functioning teams, and differences within the team often make diverse teams more effective than those made up of people with similar experience.

Understanding and appreciating the various viewpoints involved in the situation are key factors in its resolution. The human experience of conflict involves our emotions, perceptions, and actions and we experience conflict on all of these levels.

We work in the following ways to enable the resolution of differences and promote conflict resolution:

We look at the deep structure of the problem and it\’s wider implications across the organisatione involved we enable them to agree a way forward and negotiate a win/win for both parties.
We help find a joint purpose and commonality of values so that a resolution is sought and encouraged by both parties
By facilitating an understanding of the perception of the situation from both sides and then by allowing both parties to step into the other person’s shoes and respect each other’s viewpoint.

We teach them how to really listen to each other’s opinions, and step back from an emotional response enabling them to understand the intent as well as the delivery.

We expedite resolution by providing both sides with a means to recognise and then step away from the emotion of the situation to gain clarity and perspective.

Working with everyone involved we enable them to agree a way forward and negotiate a win/win for both parties.
Alternatively it may be that the relationship is not a good fit for either or both parties and the healthy and most effective resolution is a respectful parting of the ways. In this event we work with you to facilitate the positive conclusion of the relationship for both sides.

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