The Keys to Staff Engagement and Confident Teams

Advanced Communication for Clinicians and Healthcare Professionals

Communication Skills Training is one of the most powerful investments any Healthcare Organisation can make.

Whether you are looking to enhance the skills of your clinicians, management team, improve the effectiveness of your patient services teams, further develop the competitive edge of your client services or simply enrich your relationships with your patients and stakeholders, our in-house advanced communications skills training will heighten the skills of your employees and provide high impact results.

During our high impact and content rich advanced communication programme we tailor the course to be specific to the communication needs of your organisation as well as providing the following skills to delegates:

  • A new questioning technique that enables you to get beneath the presenting problem to the real issue quickly
  • Ways of getting people out of a stuck state of mind and looking forward
  • How to get people into a problem solving mind-set
  • How to communicate with colleagues and clients using their own preferred language patterns so that you can really connect and be heard
  • Dealing with difficult conversations including the importance of your non-verbal language
  • How to use the information the other person gives you in their own language to not only understand what is gong on for them but to also enable them to work out manageable solutions
  • How to improve your telephone conversations by using simple questioning and listening techniques and being aware of your own language and tonality
  • What to do when giving advice doesn’t work
  • How to really connect with your clients and colleagues.
  • Ways to maximise the effectiveness of what you say and adapt to the individual in front of you; easily altering your language so that people are able to relate to what you are saying
  • How to become more skilled in the arts of negotiation and persuasion
  • How to ensure that your message is really understood
  • How to REALLY listen to people so they tell you the crucial details that make a difference

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