The Keys to Staff Engagement and Confident Teams

Staff and team engagement is something that we are frequently asked to help with within NHS and other healthcare organisations. If you feel that this is an area that your organisation could improve upon then this eBook reveals some of the key principles behind successful staff engagement and shows how it is the key to a motivated and confident team culture.

We often hear people say that they want a culture of engagement and a motivated and engaged team but rarely have they carefully thought through what this means.

For example have you considered asking yourself the following questions?

  • How will I know when my staff are engaged?
  • How much information am I willing to share with them to encourage and maintain their engagement?
  • Am I open to the team stepping back and questioning the effectiveness of what we do and coming up with new ideas?
  • What do I want them engaged in?
  • How do I want them to show they are engaged?
As well as challenging your thinking, this eBook gives you practical ways to engage your team and provides you with some of the key fundamentals to a cohesive team that many organisations ignore.

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