The Keys to Staff Engagement and Confident Teams

Welcome to Beyond Healthcare Training

Jo Creed, Director Beyond Training Solutions, Beyond Healthcare Training. I am Jo Creed, Director and principal trainer at Beyond Training Solutions and I am passionate about enabling healthcare organisations to provide the highest level of patient care possible by truly connecting both with the people who work within it and the patients it serves.

I work with many organisations and you can see the full range of experience and services at my main website I am assisted by a number of experienced professionals who are all proud to specialise in providing healthcare professionals and teams with high level personal resources and skills to meet the challenges of working in today’s health service. Everything we do, we do because we are passionate about seeing individuals and organisations achieve excellence.

Our approach

We take an ‘inside out’ rather than an ‘outside in’, approach to ensure that the motivation, passion and belief for change are taken into the core of the organisation, enabling a new perspective and lasting impact. Empowering collaboration both within and across teams, our solutions transform strategy and ideas into practical implementation, behavioural change and beyond.

Our experience

Working with individuals and organisations to enable outcome driven results through Realisation, Facilitation, Training and Change, the people we work with have told us that we are different and this difference produces results. It’s likely that one of the reasons for this difference is that our passion comes from real personal experience following the devastating impact of a breakdown in care and communication, a breakdown that we know could so easily have been avoided.
We explain more in ‘Why we do what we do’; in the meantime the aim of this website is to give you an understanding of how we can make that difference to you and your organisation.